Our courses are for students, budding engineers, robotics enthusiastic, newly employed professionals, robotics learners, and would-be entrepreneurs. Even 5 year old children can learn from DIY tricks and tips to make a robot. We will send you course material at a nominal price and you can let your intelligence shine to a sparkling flame! We are India’s leading robotic course store for all purpose robot technology. You can order a variety of robotic kits and other Robotic Components, robotic courses to build your own robots.

  • PCB Designing ,enables you to design your own PCB at your home
  • AVR Robotics, Autonomous robotics course based on AVR ATMEGA Microcontroller
  • WaterBotix , An underwater robot ,ROV design course
  • AutoBotix, Autonomous robotics based 8051 Microcontroller course
  • BreadBotix, Breadboard Based beginners robotics course

About US


We aim to develop niche courses. Our vision is to help spread the flame of knowledge and help foster the growth of self-help robotics courses. Gyanx.com will help promote knowledge and innovation and believes that partnership with students and professionals will give rise to a new generation knowledge entrepreneurship that helps make remote control robots. We help you bridge the gap between new generation knowledge and technology.

What we do:

We help you learn and develop niche Robotic courses that will help you make robots for sale and also stay prepared for a professional life ahead. These courses will help you be job ready. School students, career professionals, science students along with hobbyists can learn to DIY on robotics and robots. These services can be availed through the online media and also offline. You contact us and we get in touch with you by mailing you the resources.

Our Team:

With the vision of Founder and CEO, Sakyasingha Mahapatra, the team at Gyanx.com is a successful venture operating from Bhubaneswar, India.