WaterBotix Course: This is a Under Water robotics training , where students design & develop a ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle). They design a remote & control the ROV . they learn a lot about underwater medium & its limitations. The difference between the air & water as a medium. concepts of maneuvering under water using . Design aspects of the underwater system. manually converting normal motors to  water proofing the DC motors.Using Archimedes Principle for the buoyant force . Propeller design concepts with its vertical pitch.Testing the ROV .

5,000.00 INR
Tool Kit Details: 
  1. PVC Pipe(0.50")
  2. DC motor
  3. Propeller
  4. DPDT switch with remote
  5. Ribbon cable (8 colour,3mtr)
  6. Candle(small)
  7. Soldering Iron
  8. Glue
  9. Plastic Connecting strip
  10. Plastic mat(7"x11")
  11. DC adapter 12V/2A
  12. Bend
  13. T Connector
  14. Floating Rubber
  15. Motor Socket
  16. U Clip
  17. Lead & Flux
0.00 INR
2 Hrs.
Course level: 
Price: 5000 INR


Key Skills: 
  1. Ship and Submarine Designing
  2. ROV and AUV Designing
  3. Buoyancy 
  4. Propulsion
  5. Soldering/tool Safety and usage
  6. Electricity and Circuits 
  7. Electrical switches
  8. Waterproofing
  9. Basic Physics of Motion

Project 1

ROV Remote Operated Vehicle

Project 2

WaterBotix with LED Strip

Project 3

WaterBotix Cleaning Robot Type-1

Project 4

WaterBotix Cleaning Robot Type-2

Project 5

WaterBotix Cleaning Robot Type-3

Project 6

WaterBotix Cleaning Robot with Robotic Arm

Project 7

WaterBotix with a magnet