AVR Robotics

AVR Robotics Course is based on AVR series microcontrollers & Multiple sensors. Robotics Architecture, interfacing sensors & motors to the microcontroller is the key learning from this course. This course enables learner to write Input/ Output Port programming, Interfacing with LCD. Various concepts of programming like PWM, Delay will be covered. Students can built multipurpose robot through this course

5,000.00 INR
Tool Kit Details: 
  1. Atmega-8 board
  2. DC adapter 12V/1A
  3. IR sensor
  4. Dark sensor
  5. Light sensor
  6. Hall sensor
  7. Heat sensor
  8. Sound sensor
  9. Jumper wire(F-F)
  10. DC geared motor 12V
  11. Castor wheel
  12. Chassis
  13. General wheel
  14. USB -B type cable
  15. Screw driver
  16. LCD 16x2
  17. Touch sensor
0.00 INR
3 Hrs.
Course level: 
Price: 5000 INR


Key Skills: 
  1. Robot Definition
  2. Physics of Motion
  3. Robot Mechanics
  4. Types of Robots
  5. Mobile Robots
  6. Electricity and Circuits
  7. Electronics 
  8. AVR microcontrollers
  9. Sensors and Motors  interfacing and Controlling
  10. Embedded C
  11. Algorithms for sensor based robotics
  12. Motion Planning
  13. Algorithms for Planning and Control of Robot Motion

Project 1

Obstacle Avoidance Robot

Project 2

Line Follower Robot

Project 3

Grid Solving Robot

Project 4

Mesh Solving Robot

Project 5

Fire Van

Project 6

Sound Controlled Robot

Project 7

Land Mines Detecting Robot

Project 8

Wall Follower Robot

Project 9

Edge Avoidance Robot

Project 10

Shadow Follower Robot

Project 11

Light Follower Robot

Project 12

Distance Measuring Robot